Hullo! Welcome to Chateau de Luna, the binary dwelling of all things Lunatrix.

There’s aural and visual delights aplenty to tickle your fancy, as well as our blog which contains thoughts and philosophical ramblings from all the band members.

If you want to conatact us for anything just use the contact page, even if it’s just to say “Hello!” We love hearing from people so if there’s anything you think we need to see/hear/have/do just let us know!

Our story is one of “Woah!” and other exclamations which, beacuse today is Sunday, the Sabbath, i cannot be arsed to write up. By which i mean it doesn’t exist yet…

But, verily! Do not all things exist in the infinitude of infinity? Surely, “Yay” be the answer. I’ve just got to pop to the future where it’s been written and bring it back to the now when it hasn’t. Ca peach?

November 17, 2012 |