About Us

Assembled in spring 2012, Lunatrix is a seven-piece contemporary swing family based in London. Writing and gigging around the UK, they share a modern take on Swing music with their listeners.

The story behind the band is best told by Abi, the lead singer:

Our solar system is inhabited by galactic dwellers scattered around different planets. The earth happens to be a famous TV show viewed all over the galaxy. Unfortunately, the earth has recently gone into decadence and the show is losing its popularity. Seven of the show’s most hardcore fans therefore decide to go on earth and sort it out. They play music to bring positive vibes, make people happy and make the TV show rise back up to its past glory. Traveling through time, they land in the gipsy-swing of the 1930s but transcend through the ages and are currently grooving in the 2013 London scene. So you can imagine what an eclectic mix it all is!

side-square-1Lunatrix take the acoustic elements of the past and combine them with electro-swing, live drums and electric guitars into a fusion of past and contemporary.
With influences ranging from Reggae and Jazz through to Drum n Bass and Techno, each member brings their own unique flavour and talent to the mix. Combining continental brass, blistering guitars and powerful vocals, the Lunatrix sound is crafted to make people dance, lose their inhibitions and be inspired.

Gig highlights so far include a Showcase at Sphere Studios, supporting Molotov Jukebox in Buckinghamshire, headlining Hootenannys in 2012 as well as supporting the Zen Hussies on the 18th Jan 2013. With a BBC Introducing Live Lounge offer in the pipeline as well as communication with Radio 2 and 1 Extra.

February 7, 2013 |