Attack of the Blob…i mean, Blog.

Well, here we are. Blog no. 2. It’s been a while since the last rambling (bling for goats?) from the Luna crew…Some things have changed: we’re living in London now. Other things haven’t: our neighbours are still annoyed with us. The migration to the Big Smoke was fraught with peril and conniving landlords and estate agents. We all made it though, lighter of wallet but happier of heart, eggcited to begin our adventure in the capital. Biscuits quickly got himself acquainted with the local(ish) jam nights, the others with the local takeaways. We also saw the hallowed ground upon which the “One Pound Fish” man stood and inspired a generation to “get fishy wid it” as the Fresh Prince would say.

Although it’s not the most happening place to be, East Ham has inspired a new tune of ours entitled “East Ham”. Check the video page, innit bruv. We’ve also got some escapades planned around this incredible city, so check back regularly to hear about stuff we’re going to get up to.

Winter was a tough one this year but during our hibernation, everyone at Luna HQ pulled their fingers out of various orifices and started getting shit done (after washing our hands, of course). And, lo and behold, with the help of some amazing people we released our first E.P. entitled Mr Sunshine, built a website, got some cool videos done and started putting together a Summer gig list which is looking epic! Much, much Love to EVERY member of the Luna family that has helped us get here by recording videos, helping our producer, taking photos, coming up with artwork ideas and giving positive and negative feedback. On stage and off.
We’re always on the lookout to collaborate with new creative people so if you’re a promoter, director, photographer, artist or whatever, get in touch!

Well, I best wrap this up before it turns into some memoirs or something…In closing: Time is relative, like your aunt, but hopefully it won’t be as long between blogs. Toodle-oo!

June 2, 2013 |

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