Joe Blogs….And so do we.

Where to start, eh? Since you last read, we broke our Small World Spring Gathering cherry. This gig also featured the amazing Phoebe Gorry on BV’s…Keep your eye’s peeled, she’ll be singing with the Luna crew more and more often in the coming months. The festy itself was stunning! Having not been to a proper festy in over a year it felt a bit strange seeing the smells and smelling the sights of a festival after so long….and we’d all missed it sooo much! :) We’ll be playing on the Small World stage at Secret Garden Party on Friday as well so if you’re intent (pun sort of intended) at the time make sure it’s the Small World tent!
We also played the very lovely Lowde Fest, a small family oriented deal. Although the festy was small the stage we played was pretty cotton pickin’ big! It was equally daunting and liberating…Most of us have never had that much space on stage. I had to send a carrier pigeon to Junior Blue to ask for a bottle of water.

The Luna HQ channelled the spirit of Neil Buchanan (from Art Attack for our extraterrestrial fans) for a few days and we all went arts and crafts crazy. We’re making our own hand made CD cases using this modern thing called Origami and decorating them ourselves as well, which means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is different to the other. They’ll only be available from gigs for the time being so come see us, have a dance and take home a personalised E.P.

Our time is East Ham is beginning to draw to a close which all of us are pretty happy about. Bye bye leaky toilet! Bye bye blocked sink! Sayonara little mice! Onwards and upwards!
Honestly, our garden is looking like Jumanji manifested in East London. Robin Williams went in there the other day. We haven’t seen him since. Oh, no. There he goes.

Well, that’s it I suppose. I’m going to get more in depth with these as time goes by. Which it does. There’ll be links to stuff we’ve all been finding interesting like videos, articles, porn. The usual stuff.

Till next time. Be excellent to each other. Toodle-oo! x

June 27, 2013 |

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