The Band

Our lovely band of misfits are ready to swing your souls and move your feet! Here’s some more about each of our band members…

Abi “Good” Evans
Vocals, Clothes, Vegetables, Meringues
Abi Crista ‘Good’ Evans has been immersed in the language of Music forever. With an eclectic mix of musical tastes, experimenting with styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Folk, Township, Jazz, Swing, Reggae and Electro. Abi has played hundreds of shows throughout the last 10 years across the UK and Europe, playing most UK festivals annually and absolutely loving every minute of it! Studying, writing, performing and teaching Music has become Abi’s life and with one dream to write songs to last many generations she hopes that all the hard work pays off and the World receives Lunatrix with a smile and a wish to collect our tunes, video’s, blogs and much more content from the Luna’Crew.
Chris “Biscuits” Reynolds
Well hello there!! As I struggle to find the words to describe my self, I realize that I play 6 strings and some maple wood in the form of a guitar for the fellowship of da Luna crew!

To find out what else goes on you need to be at the receiving end of the shows, be there, be square and bring biscuits!!!

Abid “Bo Biddly” Mujtaba
Bass, Tea, Scones, Puns
Music has been the major passion in Abid’s life for many years. Starting off experimenting with DJ’ing at an early age, Abid’s passion for music grew to encompass the Bass guitar at age 16. Having been brought up on a diet of Electronic as well as Instrumental music, Abid’s style of playing takes influences from the worlds of Reggae, Folk, Psy-Trance and many more styles equally.
This musical journey continued with early band Point of Origin (P.O.O.) before Abid moved to Guildford to study music full time. During the course (pun intended) of this part of the journey Abid met many of the future members of Lunatrix and these acquaintances soon grew to be very close friends. Omwards and Upwards!
Jivana “Jive Hunter” Hunt
With a devotion to music and esoteric knowledge, the “Jive Hunter” embodies and combines the philosophy of the far east with the continental sounds of his homeland: France. With a great passion for Electro Swing and Eastern music, Jivana’s playing takes influences from everywhere, including the natural world. Having met members of Lunatrix through circuitous and synchronistic circumstances, Jivana quickly became a major part of the Luna crew with his elephantine lines and idiosyncratic dance moves.
Kristy “McGiggles” Poulton
Backing Vocals
Miss “McGiggles” has only physically been with the band since August of 2012, but spiritually she’s been part of the Luna crew for years….even before it was formed. With a love of nature, freedom and truth, Kristy brings all her love and joy to the music she plays. Having met Abi during their time in Guildford, it was obvious that their voices were a perfect match. The rest is history!
Stevie “Junior Blue” Lawrence
Stevie was born to play guitar.

With a musical heritage steeped in Blues, Folk, Reggae and just about any other style of music with Guitars in, “Junior Blue” has been described as “Hendrix, but right handed”, and his diverse playing style adds to Lunatrix’s eclectic and energetic sound.

Chad “Sirius” Pitt-Murphy
Chad “Sirius” Pitt-Murphy joined the band in the Autumnal season of 2012.

As well as playing drums in styles ranging from Jungle through to Folk, “Sirius” can either be found hitting things with sticks or climbing up trees.

We’ve all got a sneaking suspicion that he was a Lemur in a past life.

February 16, 2013 |